How to reach us

Palazzo Marin is located in Venice, in Campo Santa Maria del Giglio, an optimal location both for users and visitors who need to reach it to attend or participate in an event, and for organizers who need to manage logisitics and handling of scenic or technical material.

We are located in the historic center of Venice

Piazza San Marco 4 minutes

Teatro La Fenice 2 minutes

Accademia 5 minutes

Palazzo Ducale 5 minutes

It is possible to reach the palace comfortably on foot, a short walk from St. Mark's Square, by walking down the famous Via XXII Marzo, or by using public water transportation, getting off at the "Giglio" landing place in front of it from which to reach Marin Palace without crossing any bridge, or thanks to a water cab, getting off at the bank of the canal it overlooks.

For material handling, the palace has access to the water's edge (in front of the La Fenice Theater), which allows with ease any loading and unloading operations directly on the palace's premises.