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harp music in the background for the dinner our american guests 09 march 2015 Harp music in the background, during the refined dinner of the American Insures. Each single detail has been chosen with the utmost care for our important guests. Read more  
thanks - christmas concert 26/12/14 27 dicembre 2014 Thank you for making us aware of this evening's concert.  We enjoyed the experience tremendously With best wishes to you for a wonderful Christmas time, S.M. & A. D.... Read more  
christmas concert 26 dicembre h. 16:30 26 december 2014 h. 16:30 It's christmas time, when sometimes you may feel even more need for warmth. Do not stay outside along our beautiful but cold streets of Venice... , for a while, almost an hour,... Read more  
the venice cello ensemble elects palazzo marin as their official home 26 october 2014 The Venice Cello Ensemble,  since its creation in 2011 chose Palazzo Marin, as a place where letting resonate the echoes of their own trials and decided to elect as their... Read more  
symbolic wedding 03 marzo 2014 Symbolic masked wedding. Celebration of an Uncommon Love.Julie and Diana were friends since ten years and decided to have their gay Blessing here in Venice,... Read more  
a dinner for one of the most important "yes" of your life 31 gennaio 2014 A young Scottish chose our Palazzo Marin for making the marriage proposal to his beautiful girlfriend.Love for first, but certainly also the... Read more  
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