The Palace

The hospitality of Palazzo Marin will transform your events and celebrations into warm and glowing memories for you and your guests. The perfect acoustics of the frescoed stately rooms will turn your favourite piece into an unforgettable concert, and will provide a sublime setting for poetry readings and cultural events.

Choose Palazzo Marin for your next event and experience an exclusive moment in the last salon in Venice, where every gesture is a play in itself, it is art unfolding, poetry in the making.

From the program “Venezia per voi” produced by TVA Vicenza and Telechiara with Manuel Meneghel.
Palazzo Marin Venezia

Where art is at home

It has the shape of a palace, but the heart of a home. It speaks through art, telling the story of a city and the people who lived in it. It offers an opportunity, indulging in its own: to be the symbol of a rediscovered elegance, sought after and unique like a gem guarded with respect and then returned to the world.

It is Palazzo Marin, located between Santa Maria del Giglio and the Teatro della Fenice, which belonged to the family whose name it now bears and who oversaw its 18th-century restoration. The restoration, which began in 1760, enriched the three hundred square meters of the structure thanks to the artistic intervention of Gaetano Zompini and Giovanni Scajaro, who created the frescoes.

"There are places that inspire admiration; there are others that move and in which one would like to live "

Jean de La Bruyère


Gaetano Zompini's work adorns the hall on the "piano nobile": on the walls are depictions of Aeneas' Flight from Troy, The Rape of Helen and, on the ceiling, Apollo and the Muses.

"A grand piano in this room reiterates the artist's propensity for art, in harmony with his depiction of Zeus' daughters with their guide, Apollo."

It was Scajaro, on the other hand, who painted the enchanting fresco, La Virtù incorona il Merito (Virtue Crowns Merit), which embellishes, also on the "piano nobile", the ceiling of the room overlooking the Rio della Fenice. In the next room, there is, again by Scajaro, a flight of putti on the oval ceiling.

Palazzo Marin Venezia Palazzo Marin Venezia

The Marin family and Isabella Teotochi

The rich and chequered history of this palace is not easy to follow - the long list of successions and property transfers makes for an intricate and captivating story. The coat of arms carved on the inner courtyard well - a blue wave on silver leaf - testifies to the palace's passage to the Marin family. Tradition has it that it was home to the celebrated Countess Isabella Teotochi from Corfu in her early years in Venice. She was married twice, first to Carlo Antonio Marin, and then to Giuseppe Albrizzi…. A very learned woman of letters, witty, beautiful, loved by Vivant Denon (the “creator” of the Louvre museum), and poets Ippolito Pindemonte and Ugo Foscolo, and an intimate friend of Canova, to whom she dedicated the famous biography of his works, Isabella Teotochi was called “the Venetian Madame de Staël".

Culture, yesterday and today

Today, the Serafini family, owners of Palazzo Marin, strongly believes in fostering both the love and the spread of culture in all its forms, keeping it forever alive, like a precious gem. The Palace is available for private and public events: upon request, it hosts meetings with artists and musicians, book presentations, jazz and classical music concerts, training courses, fashion shows, weddings, gala dinners and fundraising events.